In 2015, we began our commercial growing operation with tomatoes and just a few  other summer crops and sold to three restaurants. In the intervening years, we have added almost 20 additional restaurants and while heirloom tomatoes are still at the heart of our business, we now grow a variety of crops in four seasons.

Farm-to-Table Meals

We launched our farm-to-table ventures in 2016 to great acclaim. We partner with other local farms and guest chefs all of whom share our passion for turning locally produced food into one-of-a-kind, five-course meals, which we serve on finely set tables in one of our rustic barns. In keeping with our farm-to-table ideals, we pair our coursed meals with the best of locally-made wine, beer, and spirits.

Farmers' Markets

We have been opening our farm yard for  farmers' market vendors and food customers since 2017. Our markets offer fresh, healthful, and local fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, cheeses, breads, and other homemade food products! Come experience our thoughtfully curated group of vendors and learn the backstory of your local food.

A Word About How We Grow

We care a lot about how food tastes, so we scour the market to find the most delicious fruit and vegetable varieties to grow. Whenever we can, we grow from organic, heirloom seeds and root stock. We never use genetically modified organisms.


We are dedicated to growing fruits and vegetables in ways that don't damage the environment in which they are grown or the people who consume them. Our fertilizers are always organic. We avoid using poisons or toxins to control insects, weeds, and disease; when absolutely necessary, we only use OMRI-approved products.


We believe that food grown locally, seasonally, and sustainably doesn't just taste better and isn't just more health inducing but is more humane and socially just, too. We hope you will appreciate the vision we have for our farm and that you will join us in making it a reality by purchasing your produce here.

- Leah Dannar-Garcia



15615 E 21st St. N

Wichita, KS


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