Pop-Up Specialty Crop Sales

From time-to-time, when a crop produces better than expected, we hold a pop-up, specialty crop sale to celebrate nature’s abundance. In the past, we've offered basil and pesto, tomato and sweet-potatoes. Watch our Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter below for current information on these one-of-a-kind events.

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Farmers' Markets

Firefly farmers’ markets started in the summer of 2016 with five booths and 50 customers.  Presently, we average 25 vendors and about 1000 customers and we continue to grow! Held in the farmyard on Sunday mornings, we have been told it feels peaceful and comfortable. Our market offers fresh, healthful and local fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, breads and other homemade food products from a group of thoughtfully curated vendors! Whether you come to shop for your weekly groceries, eat lunch from one of the food trucks, or sit in the shade and listen to the music, we know you will not regret spending time here. Learn the backstory of your local food from the people who produce it. Please watch our Facebook page for market details.

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